​​Please let us know how you would like your gift to be designated?

Options might include:

  • ​​Support of the Baan Itsara children
  • A gift towards upgrades in the property
  • Support for our ministries outside of the home
  • Or other...as specified by you

Payments can be made directly into the New Zealand support account for our ministry at ANZ (Hunter's Corner branch), account number 060-172-0086760-02

​​Cheques can be sent to:  Dan & Angela Cornelius, c/o Iris Abernethy, 19 Libnai Ave, Clover Park, Auckland 2019. 

​Please note:  Gifts are not tax deductible at this time

​Our ministry is focused on being God-Honoring, Christ-Centerd, and Spirit-Directed. Our hope and trust remain in Him through prayer and supplication. We'd appreciate your prayer, love, encouragement and financial support.

Vital to the vision is a team of supporters who will commit themselves to be faithful in prayer and financial support.

Without your love we will not survive living cross-culturally.  Without prayer we cannot be effective in breaking through the spiritual oppression that binds those in captivity - both spiritual and physical.  Without financial support we will not be able to do the work God has set us to do.

By becoming a team supporter you will be a vitally important partner in our exciting and challenging work.  

You are invited to walk with Dan, Angela & children in partnership for Christ.  Come join the journey....


Tales from the Back Country
­$25 each


Coffee table books filled with photos of New Zealand’s stunning scenery and stories as told by men and women from the remote and rugged back country. Five volumes available, each 92-pages, printed in New Zealand.

 All profits ($15 per book) to the Cornelius family  

Books are available online at www.cambridgebaptist.co.nz (click on the "shop" icon on the right of the webpage)

If You'd Like to Support What We're Doing......

​Freedom Family Home

BAAN ITSARA family home


We first arrived in Thailand in July 2005.   Between June and August of 2007 we returned to New Zealand to share our new vision to reach, rescue and restore at-risk and exploited children.

Through a local contact a group of at-risk children were identified in an exploited and marginalised community within Chiang Mai's slum areas. Two of these kids were taken into emergency care into the Cornelius family home in June 2008.  Due to our desire to take in more children at risk, we relocated to a larger rental property in October 2008, and by February 2009 had four children in our care.

From November 2012 we have been caring for 9 children - 5 girls and 4 boys. As of Sept., 2017 they range in age from nine to eighteen years old. We relocated to a rural property on the outskirts of Chiang Mai by November 2015. 

"We believe that a family-centred model is the best environment to raise healthy, emotionally connected children"